A Year of Projects 22-23: Where am I?

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Sadly, most has not been crafting related. Today’s post will be taking stock of where I’m at with my projects. Unfortunately I did not spin at all this week. I have carved out some time to spin this afternoon to try and get back on track.


I completed one sock last week for Sock Week. Finished its mate this week, so now I have another pair done for Summer Sock Camp and Sock BINGO.

These were knitted as toe up tubes with an afterthought heel. I’m not loving the fit of the heel. I’ve heard good things about The Fish Lips Kiss Heel, so I’ve purchased that and will be trying it for my next afterthought heel.

Babygirl’s Christmas socks have been getting the most attention this week. I keep them in the office and work on them if one of my students doesn’t show/is late in the afternoon. Secret knitting time for a Christmas gift has been the upside to the crazy work projects, lol. Details can be found on Ravelry on my project page.

Heel flaps have been knit on both my Watermelon Socks and Camping 2022 socks. I’d like to get the gussets done during the beginning of the week as we’ve got a little day trip planned for Friday. I’m hoping my husband does the driving so I can get some knitting time in.

Watermelon Socks
Camping 2022 socks

Candy Mountain Socks are on hold until next week. Just going to focus on plain vanilla socks this week. I’ll pull them out next week and get back to work on them. Due to the color changes they are not a great travel project.

Summer Fairy KAL

This project has been sitting. I’ve set a goal of 15 minutes a day for this one. I’m hoping to get a few rows in with my morning coffee. My friend finished hers last night and it is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to have this ready for Fall.

Other Stuff

Babygirl and I dyed up some yarn last week. I’ll have a post coming on that this week. She’s asking for socks from her yarn. I told her I need to free up a pair of needles first, but they’ll be my next cast on. After that, I’m looking at a pair of Hermoine’s Everyday Socks. My friend’s yarn shop is doing that as their August sock KAL. I won’t be participating officially, but I’ve wanted to make this pattern for a while. It’ll be nice to be able to talk to her about it while working on the socks.

Babygirl took a quilting class at the library this weekend. I’m in awe of her sewing. It was put on by a local quilt guild. They made kits for the kids and had them sew up placemats. She asked if I wanted placemats for our table. We’re going to take a look at fabric next time we’re at JoAnns.

That’s about it for me. I’m off to go knit/spin a bit.

Happy Crafting!

International Lego Day

Happy Lego Day! Babygirl decided to share some information on the history of Legos. We’ll be celebrating with some Lego challenges tonight. She’s currently making lots of dragons with her Legos and has made a tutorial for her father and I to follow. I’ve added it below in case you’d like to make your own dragons.

The History of Lego

In 1932 a man named Ole Kirk Kristiansen started a wooden toy business. Two years later he named it Lego, the abbreviations of “play well” in Danish. After fifteen years of making wooden toys, Lego began making a small model of a Ferguson tractor. The tractor could be purchased built or unbuilt.

In 1946 Lego came out with the early version of Lego bricks, called “Automatic Binding Blocks”. However, these blocks did not stick well together. In 1958 the modern Lego was first made. After seeing that younger kids liked Lego as well, Duplo was developed. Duplo are large bricks that cannot be swallowed. Nine years after the release of Duplo, mini figures were first made.

Over the years, Lego has come out with many themed sets, such as Mindstorms (1998), Lego Creator (2003), Ninjago (2011), and many others. The company is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandson of Ole.