A Year of Projects

Slowly getting back to normal here. I’ve been getting more knit/crochet time in as I’m not napping as much. It feels good to be finishing up some projects.

On Saturday we took a ride out to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. It was our first visit, we bought annual passes as our family Christmas gift this year. We went out to see the Da Vinci exhibit. It was amazing! I’ll be posting some pictures from that separately and will link it once the post is up.

We’ve started some garden planning. Totally redoing the garden this year as what we’ve had wasn’t working for us. Right now we’re finalizing our plans and ordering seeds. I have planted a few milk jugs for winter sowing.

Nonsock Projects

The weekender sweater looks about the same. I’ve gotten up to the shoulder shaping on the back, so it’s become my focus for my early morning quiet knitting time. That’s the only time I can focus on wrap and turns.

Loving the Candy Mountain Cowl! Super excited to see that Julie of Twin Stitches Designs is releasing Candy Mountain mittens at the end of the month. I will use my advent to make a pair of the mittens when I’m done with the cowl.

January 15
January 22


Autumn Stripe Socks and Temperature Socks have been completed. Both just needed afterthought heels to finish them off.

The Christmas socks are coming along nicely. My daughter has a few classes at the library this week so I’m hoping to finish them while I wait for her classes to finish.

New Projects

I have started a Granny Stripe Afghan with my advent yarn. After I use the color in the Candy Mountain Cowl I add it to the afghan. This will be a long term project. It will be using my advent and scrap yarn going forward.

Finally put together the skein winder I got for Christmas. Caked up the yarn for my Flat Iron Shawl. I’ll be participating in a CAL that starts tomorrow.

Using all new to me, locally dyed yarn for this project. Purchased this yarn at the Southern Comfort Fiber Show a few months ago with the intention of making this shawl. When a saw the CAL I figured it’s the perfect time to make it!

Yarns caked up for Flat Iron Shawl

Thats all I’ve got this week. Off to go get some knitting in.

Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects Post: Week ???

New year, new plan. Guess I should start with figuring out what week I’m on. Missed most of December, and was posting sporadically in November. But I’m back, with a plan for January.

The closet deep dive has not happened yet. The ick is still here. Once I can make it through the day without a nap, I’ll get into the closet to pull all the UFOs/WIPs.

For now, I’ve settled on a January plan. First up: The Weekender. While I did not enter a project start date on Ravelry, the project was created on December 12, 2021. So, it was started some time around there. Definitely time to get it off the needles! Shoulder shaping for the back has been finished, I’m currently working on the front. My hope is too get this off the needles by the end of the month.

Next up, a new project: Candy Mountain Cowl. I decided to make the Candy Mountain Cowl with my Southern Skeins Advent Calendar. Took me a while to decide on a project, I started this around the 15th of December. I’m enjoying how the pattern is working up with the advent calendar. This project will be ongoing, no end date set.

And the socks. Because there are always socks on the needles, lol. I have pulled four pairs to finish. Two pairs just need heels, one is a sock tube my friend sent me that just needs heels, toes, and cuffs, the last is the pair I though I’d make in December. Once these are done I believe I have two more pairs started in the closet and I will pull them out. After that I can move onto new patterns.


I received a skein winder for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have not been able to use it yet. Im hoping to be able to sit down soon and wind some yarn.

Advent Calendar. I ordered an advent calendar from Southern Skeins this year. The theme was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I really enjoyed it. I absolutely love the advent wall hanging it came in. I loved seeing all the wrapped packages hanging on the wall. Babygirl and I had fun guessing what we thought the colors would be based on the name.

As part of the Advent Calendar there were a few BINGO nights. So much fun! I won a prize during one of them.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Happy Crafting!

2022 Knit/Crochet Wrap Up

Still not feeling great, but really want to get a wrap up posted. The easiest way to do that is to post the screen shot of finished projects from Rav.

While I am happy with the projects that I completed in 2022, I’m disappointed in the number of UFOs/WIPs I have. I’ve started a number of projects that got abandoned during the year. My focus this year will be to get them completed. I need to get better about finishing a project before getting distracted by something new. Going forward I’m going to be limiting the number of projects I work on. Hopefully this way I’ll get more done.

Another year of socks!

This week I’ll be double checking that I’ve pulled all the WIPs from my closet and will come up with a plan to get them finished. It’s crazy how close some are to finishing.

Hope you’re all having a great crafting week!

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year! Not really sure what happened to December, with holiday prep and school it’s all been a blur.

I was able to complete my advent socks in December. So much fun! And a much needed few minutes of calm each day.

2022 Cozy Knitter Sock Advent

I have started a post of finished objects in 2022, but unfortunately we’re all a bit under the weather right now. It’s been over four years since any of us have been really sick, so this has been interesting. Lots of sleep, soup, and TV happening right now. Hopefully it’ll only be a few more days.

Looking forward to catching up on what everyone is working on this week. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to do a true YOP update.

Happy crafting!

A Year of Projects: Weeks 21/22

It seems to be the season of biweekly posting. I guess this is what it’s going to be for a while. We’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas. The Christmas crafting is in full force. Babygirl has completed her ornaments for family so we can get them in the mail. We’re both finishing up some gifts so we can get them in the mail soon.

It’s a windy, rainy day here so we plan to put the tree up. Decorating the tree will wait until we see how “the puppy” reacts to it.


Babygirl’s Fall Socks are done. she has already worn them a few times.

I’ve completed the knitting on my Stripey socks. I need to Kitchener the toe and add afterthought heels to complete the pair. it’s on the list of things to do this week.

Most recent picture I can find.

Christmas socks have been started for Sockmas. I’m making a pair using Cascade Heritage in a Christmas colorway. I’ve misplaced the band, will update the colorway when I find it. Sockmas is a KAL hosted by Knitty Natty. It runs from November 25th to December 16th.


This is my focus. I’ve got three more inches before I can start the decrease. I’m hoping to finish it this week so it’s ready to go in the mail.

Stash Acquisition

A few months ago I purchased two skeins of Sewrella’s Autumn in New York Collection. It arrived a few days ago. I plan to use it to make a shawl in the New Year. I’m still trying to figure out what pattern I want to make. Open to two skein fingering weight shawl patterns if you’ve got any to recommend. The colorway Brooklyn reminds me of home, so I chose that and Sweater Weather because it went well with Brooklyn.

Last week I also received a prize I won from a Patreon group I’m in.

I’ve also received my Sock Advent yarn from Cozy Knitter. I’m still waiting on my Advent calendar. I’m really hoping it gets here in time. It’s cutting it a bit too close for my liking.

I think that’s about it. Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects Week 20

Trying to get back on track here. I feel like I was able to get more knitting time in this week. So that’s been good!


Babygirl’s socks just need the toe kitchnered. That’ll happen this afternoon while she attends a coding class.

I’ve added a few rows to my Stripey Socks. Ill be focusing on these to get this pair of needles cleared off. Self striping Sock Advent yarn is on its way, so I’ll need two needles ready to go for December 1st.

Currently trying to decide if I should continue the Spooky socks or put them to the side. I’d like to have a pair of Christmas socks to wear for December. I’ll have to figure that out soon.


This one needs to go to New York for Christmas so it’ll continue to be a focus. I’m really enjoying this project. I plan to make myself one in the New Year. Once you get past the set up/crown it’s a great mindless knitting project. Great to take along when Babygirl is in a class or on our park play dates.

Short and sweet, but it’s a one week update posted on Sunday. 🙂

Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects: Weeks 18/19

It seems like I’m on a two week posting schedule these days. I’d like to say it’s because we’re super busy doing all the fun things… but it’s not. I’m not getting as much crafting done, so don’t have as much to post. Just a bit of a funk right now.

I’ve decided to frog my Toni cardigan. The crochet was bothering my wrists too much so I wasn’t interested in working on it. Rather than add a row every so often, I’ll use the yarn for another project.

Dad’s Musselburgh has been started. The last one I made him is a bit bigger than he likes. So I’m making a smaller size. Here’s hoping this one is a better fit!

Other than that I’ve worked a bit on three pairs of socks. Babygirl’s Fall socks have gotten the most attention. Trying to get them off the needles so I can put the needles away for my Advent socks.

The Spooky Spellbound socks are the other pair I’ve been working on.

I’ve done a little knitting on my Stripey Socks. I’d also like to have them off the needles soon for December knitting.

That’s all I’ve got. Hopping to find my crafting mojo soon!

Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects: Week 16/17

Another two weeks have come and gone. I don’t know what it is but I feel like time is really flying by right now. We’ve been spending some time outside with the beautiful Fall temps. Last week we finished our crafting to decorate the house for Halloween. And finished putting everything out. We spent some time at the farm with friends on Friday, and mowed down our “weed garden”. That was all hubs, he removed the boxes and knocked all the weeds down. The only thing we’ve been able to grow back there have been weeds. When we purchased the house the garden was located back there… we figured it must have been a good spot. Nope. It’s located at the back corner of the property. Good for growing weeds, lol. Today we’re going to stake out an area closer to the house. Hubs and Babygirl are going to make a chicken tractor today so the chickens can help prepare the new area. We’ve also ordered a tiller which should be arriving soon. Hopefully next years garden will yield more than a few tomatoes and banana peppers. (The banana peppers were our only real harvest. I was able to can a bunch of them :)).


Making some progress here. They are all growing slowly. I’ve started the second sock on both Fall color ways and turned the heel on my Spellbound socks. I’ve finished the first stripey sock. Hopefully I’ll have a finished pair next week. Going forward I’m going to try having only two active pairs going. I feel better when I get the socks finished quicker.

Lace and Boxy Fade

I’ve finished the shoulder shaping for the left front. The goal for this week is to complete the front shoulders. I can’t wait to get to the part where I’m knitting in the round.

Toni Cuffed Cardigan

Slow and steady wins the race, right? I’ve added another row this week and the wrist pain started. So I stopped after that. I really need to figure out what the issue is when I’m crocheting. I’m just going to continue to take it slow, and see what happens. Eventually I’ll have a sweater.

Holiday Planning

Holiday planning is in full swing here. Babygirl is working on three different sewing projects for Christmas gifts. I’ve got to start my Dad’s Musselburgh soon. That’s the only thing I need to do for Christmas knitting wise. I’ve already finished socks for my mom and daughter. Holiday shopping is almost done. I feel like after the past few years I just want to have everything in the house and not stress as it gets closer.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Looking forward to catching up on blog reading. Have a great week.

Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects: Week 15

Good news: I haven’t started any new projects! I did’t even start the Musselburgh or Autumn League Pullover this week. I’ve pulled the yarn and needles and put them in project bags. I decided to focus on the socks this week.


Finished the first socks of the DK fall socks and Babygirl’s fall socks. I started Babygirl’s second sock.

Continued on my stripey socks, did the math. I’m almost ready for toe decreases.

I’m having so much fun with the Spellbound socks. I see another pair of these in my future! There are multiple charts with the pattern, so many options for different socks!


Lace and Fade Boxy: This week I had some quiet knitting time. I was able to get started on the front shoulder shaping. I can’t wait to get to the point where I am knitting in the round! It goes so much quicker than the purl rows!

Toni’s Cuffed Cardigan: The back is slowly growing. I am having a really hard time crocheting lately. Anytime I crochet I end up with wrist pain. So, I’m doing only one or two rows at a time. That seems to be going ok for now.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects: Weeks 13/14

Well, those two weeks just flew by! Woke up last Sunday to no internet. Thought I’d just write a blog post later. And life happened. We’ve been busy. Started out with some fun: The Charlotte Area Yarn Crawl. (More on that in a separate post to come at a later time.) Then so much stuff that needed to get done: fall clean-up, a heavy clean up of the chicken coop, a few chicken injuries to deal with, and then Hurricane Ian was tracking towards us. We put away all the things, and shored up the coop. Thankfully it was just an all day rain and wind event here. Not sure what the total rainfall was, but they were predicting 4-7 inches with wind guests of 60-75mph. Wind stayed in the 40-45 mph range. Locally, there were some power outages due to downed trees.

Oops, I did it again…

Startitis is still running strong over here. I’m blaming it on the change in weather. Cooler temps have moved in and I want to knit ALL.THE.THINGS! I’ve pulled yarn out of stash for the #spookysocksmkal2022, another Musselburgh, and the Autumn League Pullover. All three projects are for KALs. I’ve also joined #DCPigskinparty22. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one.

Later I’ll be sitting down to do some planning (both school and knit/crochet wise). I do need to have some sort of plan in order to be able to complete some of these projects!


I have been making some progress here. My first DK sock is finished. Still not sure how I’m feeling about DK socks in general. After this I’ve got two more skeins of DK sock yarn. Three pairs in and I should know if it’s something I want to continue with, or if I just stick with fingering weight socks.

Today I’ll have Babygirl try on her sock again. I think I should be able to start the toe decrease soon. We are both loving how the yarn is working up. It’s yarn she dyed over the summer.

My self striping have been getting ignored lately. I haven’t figured out how long I want to make them. I’ll need to figure that out during my planning time this afternoon. I want to make sure I make the leg long enough. It involves measuring and math, so it’s sat for too long.

Yesterday I started my Spell Bound Socks by Twin Stitches Designs. All yarn came from stash so I’m pretty excited for this one. Years ago (we were still in NY) I dyed some yarn with Easter egg dye. I’m using the orange in the project. I’ve paired it with Patons Kroy that I found on sale at Michaels last year. It’s a colorwork sock with 6 different charts to chose from. For the leg of the first sock I’ve chosen to use the cat chart.

Lace and Fade Boxy

Found the mohair on the yarn crawl. Set out looking for a cream/natural colored. Fell in love with a silver colored by Fiber for Ewe. First lace panel is complete and I’m happy with the way it’s worked up. Up to the part where I start the front of the sweater on another pair of needles. Then I’ll get to join the front and the back. So looking forward to that as all the purling is a drag.

Pillow/Test Swatch

I completed the front for my pillow. I’m using this as a test swatch to see if I want to use the yarn to make a blanket. At this point I think I’m going to look for other options. The yarn definitely got softer with each washing which was really nice. Bit on the last washing I ran it through the dryer. Yeah, sooooo much fuzz. It’s now got a very hazy appearance. I’m just not thrilled with it. Going to try something different and compare the two.


Remember when I made a black Musselburgh and said no more knitting with black sock weight yarn. Yeah, me too. Only Dad has requested a slightly smaller hat. So, I’m back at it. Good news is I really liked the hat and it fit me well, so we’ll make a trade. (He’s wearing it until he gets the replacement because it’s “super warm and comfortable, just a tad too big”. Lol. )

Autumn Everyday Pullover

Recently I started following Two of Wands on Instagram. She’s hosting a KAL starting later this week. For her Autumn League Pullover. I love the look of this one! Went stash diving and came up with some Lion Brand Wool Ease Sprinkles. Way back, 2001/2002ish, I purchased so much of this at a Smiley’s hotel sale. I had just started knitting and really had no idea about yarn quantities. The yarn was sold in bonus bundles at a steep discount. I purchase it in black, green, and natural to knit blankets for my brothers. One got the natural colored blanket and one got the green. After making the blankets I have about 1000 yards of the green and natural still left in my stash. The black was supposed to be a blanket for me. But, shortly after finishing the blankets for my brothers I got engaged and purchased a condo. We got a puppy. I started working on my blanket and left it on the couch one day while I went to take a shower. (I’m sure you see where this is going.) Came out of the shower to find a mess of tangled yarn all over the living room. I was able to save about 1300 yards. That should be enough yarn for me to make the sweater. I’m going to double check the numbers later.

Whew! That feels like a lot of information. Thanks for sticking around to see what I’ve been up to.

Happy Crafting!