A Year of Projects Post: Week ???

New year, new plan. Guess I should start with figuring out what week I’m on. Missed most of December, and was posting sporadically in November. But I’m back, with a plan for January.

The closet deep dive has not happened yet. The ick is still here. Once I can make it through the day without a nap, I’ll get into the closet to pull all the UFOs/WIPs.

For now, I’ve settled on a January plan. First up: The Weekender. While I did not enter a project start date on Ravelry, the project was created on December 12, 2021. So, it was started some time around there. Definitely time to get it off the needles! Shoulder shaping for the back has been finished, I’m currently working on the front. My hope is too get this off the needles by the end of the month.

Next up, a new project: Candy Mountain Cowl. I decided to make the Candy Mountain Cowl with my Southern Skeins Advent Calendar. Took me a while to decide on a project, I started this around the 15th of December. I’m enjoying how the pattern is working up with the advent calendar. This project will be ongoing, no end date set.

And the socks. Because there are always socks on the needles, lol. I have pulled four pairs to finish. Two pairs just need heels, one is a sock tube my friend sent me that just needs heels, toes, and cuffs, the last is the pair I though I’d make in December. Once these are done I believe I have two more pairs started in the closet and I will pull them out. After that I can move onto new patterns.


I received a skein winder for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have not been able to use it yet. Im hoping to be able to sit down soon and wind some yarn.

Advent Calendar. I ordered an advent calendar from Southern Skeins this year. The theme was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I really enjoyed it. I absolutely love the advent wall hanging it came in. I loved seeing all the wrapped packages hanging on the wall. Babygirl and I had fun guessing what we thought the colors would be based on the name.

As part of the Advent Calendar there were a few BINGO nights. So much fun! I won a prize during one of them.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Happy Crafting!


5 thoughts on “A Year of Projects Post: Week ???

  1. You certainly have your January mapped out well. Those socks should all be a quick finish. Your acquisition is really pretty. Congrats on winning a prize too.


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