A Year of Projects: Week 12


Do I need a heading if it’s all about socks??? O.k, there was an inch of sweater knitting this week, but otherwise it was all socks.

DK socks. I’m not sure how I feel about these. Love the yarn, buts it’s strange to be making socks from “thick” yarn. It’s throwing me off a bit. As silly as it seems, these are taking a bit for me to get used to knitting.

Self striping socks – this is my first time working with self striping yarn. I’m loving the magic. Round and round I go and end up with beautiful stripes. As silly as it seems, this has been my most enjoyable knit this week.

Babygirl’s socks are coming along. She loves the way the colors are knitting up and can’t wait to wear them. I’ve been mostly switching off between her socks and the stripes this week.

Light and Boxy Fade

Finished up color one on the sweater. Now it’s time for the mohair. That’ll be purchased sometime this week. The yarn crawl has begun. I didn’t get a chance to go to any of the stores yesterday.


There were some technical difficulties with the CAL I’m participating in. The start date got pushed back to the 15th, but I haven’t been able to start yet. I’m hoping to look at it and print the pattern later tonight.

Ohhh… almost forgot! I started a pillow this week. Trying to figure out colors for the Afghan CAL with my SIL. Pattern calls for up to 16 colors. I wanted to test out the Big Twist yarn from JoAnns. I’m going to use the pillow as my swatch to see how it holds up to washing.


We’re settling into a nice routine with schoolwork. The summer heat has begun to cool. We’ve been able to get back to our outside Friday park play dates. For most of the summer we were bowling or visiting the splash pads. It’s just too hot for the parks. It has been so nice to let the kids just run and play the past two weeks. We’re looking forward to some fun Fall activities!

With the weather cooling we’re also getting back out to do some projects. Time for re-mulching what the dogs/chickens have moved, transplanting some flowers, and planting some fall garden veggies.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.

Happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “A Year of Projects: Week 12

  1. I agree, Self Striping yarn is so much fun to work with. Seems to make the knitting go faster. You made some good progress on all your projects. I have used the big twist yarn for Prayer Shawls and love it. It does seem to hold up well through washing. Sounds like your weather is getting closer to fall. Lots of fun outdoor times to be had now.


  2. I’ll be excited to see your lacy boxy sweater – I love the yarn you picked. I kind of felt the same way about DK socks. I appreciated how fast they knit up but I’m not sure I would make a lot of them. Enjoy all the wonderful pairs you have on the needles!


  3. Have you ever posted a picture of your sock drawer(s) or do you sell or give most of them away. I thought I knit a lot of socks but you are my Queen of socks and I bow to you. I have started using self-patterning yarn again and I love seeing the pattern emerge – it is truly magical.


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