A Year of Projects 2022-2023: Week 2

It’s been another busy week over here. Tons of blueberries from the yard to process. Another batch of banana peppers, and some weeding to plant another box soon. Still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. The jalapeños and bell peppers also need a little more time.

We had in person Chess Club and a visit to the pool with a friend. Applied plenty of sunscreen, and had my legs in the water the whole time. Still ended up with sunburnt feet. Craziness. Yesterday we went to a local nature center for a plastic bag free day craft. Babygirl and I decorated some canvas bags. While we were there I picked up some paperwork on homeschool classes they offer. I’m going to see if our group wants to do some in the Fall. (The center supplies the teacher, you organize a group of kids for the class.)

The lazy days of summer are over for me for a while as I’m about to start two work projects. I’ll be working mornings M-F with one company and three afternoons with another. Thankfully, they are both short term projects. The morning one is for the rest of July, and the afternoon one ends August 19th. Looking forward to my “vacation” at the end of August. I’ll have about two weeks before we start our schooling.


Watermelon Socks: Just finished the heel flap last night. Will be starting the gusset today. The goal is to get to the foot so I can take these with me for car knitting when my husband is driving.

Cat Socks: A Christmas gift for Babygirl. I started the second sock Friday night. I will add the heels and cat face when I finish both tubes. These are slow going because I’m trying not to do them when she’s around.

Plain vanilla: These have been my car knitting socks. Still need to add a bit before I do the heel.

Today begins Shark Sock Week. Once I finish writing this post I’m hoping to cast on a sock to participate. It’ll be a challenge to get one done with the week I’ve got coming up, but it’s worth a shot! I’ll be frogging these and starting a pair toe up with this yarn.

Tour de Fleece

I’m having a blast! I’ve been spinning everyday for at least 15 minutes. My daughter made this graphic for me on Canva.

Today I’ll start spinning Electric Boogaloo by Into the Whirled. It was the July 2017 mystery pack.

Summer Fairy KAL

Slow moving on this one. But I’m still moving so it’s all good. There’s no way I’ll be done for the KAL, but I’m taking this one slow and steady. I’d rather go slow and get it right, than have to rip it out and start again.

That’s been my week. Looking forward to checking out what everyone has been up to this week!

Happy Crafting!

16 thoughts on “A Year of Projects 2022-2023: Week 2

  1. It looks your week has been quite productive. Those bags turned out super cute. I love the color of the watermelon socks. Your daughters cat socks are going to be adorable with the cat faces on them. Doing a pair of socks in a week is going to be wild. I know it can be done as I have seen others do it. Me, not so much. Maybe a short sock but not one with a full leg on it. Sounds like you are going to be busy for the next few weeks with work and home life. Enjoy!


    1. I am also enjoying the coloring on the watermelon socks. It was a mystery sock package so I lucked out! I only have to do 1 sock, not the pair. If it was the pair I’d opt out! Too much going on for the stress of a pair. I *think* I might be able to get a single sock done. We’ll see. Yeah, it’ll be a bit busy , but it’ll be ok!


  2. You have been BUSY! And sounds like more busy to come as well. I hope that in August you’ll have a bit of down time before school starts to catch your breath. Loving all of your socks on the needles right now and looking forward to seeing more of your spinning. I love all the handspun eye candy the Tour provides!


  3. Wow you’ve really been maximising your time before you start your 2 new roles. So many pretty things to comment on, those tote bags are so cool. I love Falkland merino it’s so soft and I’m sure it will feel good spinning some deep stash. I hope the new jobs go well and you still manage to squeeze in some crafting for us to enjoy reading about 😀


    1. I’m trying! Started one job yesterday and made sure to get some knitting time in right after. Today I start the second, so we’ll see. My goal is to get an hour of crafting a day in this first week. 🤞

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  4. Those stamped bags are so pretty! The socks are all awesome. Your daughter did a great job on the Tour De Fleece graphic. The Fairy KAL is lovely…..I adore that yarn! How do you get so much done? You’re amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Writing it down helps me see what I’ve accomplished for the week. Some weeks I think I didn’t get anything done, but when I write it down I see that I actually did. Basically, I’m trying to work on something anytime I sit down, lol.


  5. I love reusable bags, particularly canvas because they are SO STURDY. I have an old reusable one from the late-1980s that was my grandma’s- and its STILL carrying groceries like a champ!!
    I’m not a huge fan of the non-woven and plastic handled ones, even though they are reusable they are still made of plastics!

    You are having a really craft productive month! Thanks for sharing the awesome socks and the hand spun you’ve created.


  6. Oh my gosh you have been so busy – all of your socks are gorgeous, the spinning looks great and your bag printing is a brilliant idea.


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