Year of Projects 2021-2022 WrapUp

Took a little time the other day to go back over my projects from the last year . I’m glad I did. I’m happy with what I accomplished this year. It was more than I thought.

Finished Projects:

⭐️Bomb Pop Socks

⭐️Morning Coffee Socks

⭐️Striped Scrappy Socks

⭐️Childs Play Socks

⭐️Gray Cardigan

⭐️Blue Socks that Rock

⭐️H’s green and yellow tube socks

⭐️Moms socks




⭐️Blue Kroy Socks

⭐️Float Tote

⭐️Maya’s baby blanket

⭐️Steve’s blanket

⭐️Dad’s Musselburgh – can’t find a picture at the moment.


I’m never sure when a WIP becomes a UFO. But whatever you want to call it, these are the projects that will roll into YOP 2022-2023. Realistically, I will address them in September. This summer is for Sock Camp, Sock BINGO, and Shark Sock Week.

🐑Weekender Sweater

🐑Sockmas Socks

🐑Coziest Memories Blanket -This will be ongoing, using sock yarn scraps.

🐑Party Cardigan

🐑Temp Socks

🐑May Flower Socks

🐑Outstranding Shawl- This needs to be frogged and restarted.

🐑Blanket for a friend- This one is being done this summer in order to get it out ASAP.


I think that’s all. In writing this post it became clear to me that I need to work on a better system of organization (mostly photos) to do another post like this in the future. This year I want to continue to work on getting projects into, and updated on Ravelry. I also need to come up with a better system for my photos. But that’s a general thing, not just craft related. I keep way too many photos on my phone!