A Year of Projects 22-23: Where am I?

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Sadly, most has not been crafting related. Today’s post will be taking stock of where I’m at with my projects. Unfortunately I did not spin at all this week. I have carved out some time to spin this afternoon to try and get back on track.


I completed one sock last week for Sock Week. Finished its mate this week, so now I have another pair done for Summer Sock Camp and Sock BINGO.

These were knitted as toe up tubes with an afterthought heel. I’m not loving the fit of the heel. I’ve heard good things about The Fish Lips Kiss Heel, so I’ve purchased that and will be trying it for my next afterthought heel.

Babygirl’s Christmas socks have been getting the most attention this week. I keep them in the office and work on them if one of my students doesn’t show/is late in the afternoon. Secret knitting time for a Christmas gift has been the upside to the crazy work projects, lol. Details can be found on Ravelry on my project page.

Heel flaps have been knit on both my Watermelon Socks and Camping 2022 socks. I’d like to get the gussets done during the beginning of the week as we’ve got a little day trip planned for Friday. I’m hoping my husband does the driving so I can get some knitting time in.

Watermelon Socks
Camping 2022 socks

Candy Mountain Socks are on hold until next week. Just going to focus on plain vanilla socks this week. I’ll pull them out next week and get back to work on them. Due to the color changes they are not a great travel project.

Summer Fairy KAL

This project has been sitting. I’ve set a goal of 15 minutes a day for this one. I’m hoping to get a few rows in with my morning coffee. My friend finished hers last night and it is absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to have this ready for Fall.

Other Stuff

Babygirl and I dyed up some yarn last week. I’ll have a post coming on that this week. She’s asking for socks from her yarn. I told her I need to free up a pair of needles first, but they’ll be my next cast on. After that, I’m looking at a pair of Hermoine’s Everyday Socks. My friend’s yarn shop is doing that as their August sock KAL. I won’t be participating officially, but I’ve wanted to make this pattern for a while. It’ll be nice to be able to talk to her about it while working on the socks.

Babygirl took a quilting class at the library this weekend. I’m in awe of her sewing. It was put on by a local quilt guild. They made kits for the kids and had them sew up placemats. She asked if I wanted placemats for our table. We’re going to take a look at fabric next time we’re at JoAnns.

That’s about it for me. I’m off to go knit/spin a bit.

Happy Crafting!

A Year of Projects 22-23: Week 3

This is going to be a super short one. This week was dedicated to Sock Week. I was able to finish the first sock and the tube of the second. I’ll be adding the heel to the second sock to complete it this week. Other than that I spun for 10 minutes a day. It has been a crazy week adjusting to the new work schedule. Thank goodness it’s temporary. I’ll be limiting myself to one program at a time going forward.

And that’s it, lol. I’m hoping to have more next week as the focus will not be on Sock Week. Still mostly socks, but a much more relaxed pace. Planning to round up all the WIPs and figure a plan for my BINGO board and the rest of Summer Sock Camp.

A Year of Projects 2022-2023: Week 2

It’s been another busy week over here. Tons of blueberries from the yard to process. Another batch of banana peppers, and some weeding to plant another box soon. Still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. The jalapeños and bell peppers also need a little more time.

We had in person Chess Club and a visit to the pool with a friend. Applied plenty of sunscreen, and had my legs in the water the whole time. Still ended up with sunburnt feet. Craziness. Yesterday we went to a local nature center for a plastic bag free day craft. Babygirl and I decorated some canvas bags. While we were there I picked up some paperwork on homeschool classes they offer. I’m going to see if our group wants to do some in the Fall. (The center supplies the teacher, you organize a group of kids for the class.)

The lazy days of summer are over for me for a while as I’m about to start two work projects. I’ll be working mornings M-F with one company and three afternoons with another. Thankfully, they are both short term projects. The morning one is for the rest of July, and the afternoon one ends August 19th. Looking forward to my “vacation” at the end of August. I’ll have about two weeks before we start our schooling.


Watermelon Socks: Just finished the heel flap last night. Will be starting the gusset today. The goal is to get to the foot so I can take these with me for car knitting when my husband is driving.

Cat Socks: A Christmas gift for Babygirl. I started the second sock Friday night. I will add the heels and cat face when I finish both tubes. These are slow going because I’m trying not to do them when she’s around.

Plain vanilla: These have been my car knitting socks. Still need to add a bit before I do the heel.

Today begins Shark Sock Week. Once I finish writing this post I’m hoping to cast on a sock to participate. It’ll be a challenge to get one done with the week I’ve got coming up, but it’s worth a shot! I’ll be frogging these and starting a pair toe up with this yarn.

Tour de Fleece

I’m having a blast! I’ve been spinning everyday for at least 15 minutes. My daughter made this graphic for me on Canva.

Today I’ll start spinning Electric Boogaloo by Into the Whirled. It was the July 2017 mystery pack.

Summer Fairy KAL

Slow moving on this one. But I’m still moving so it’s all good. There’s no way I’ll be done for the KAL, but I’m taking this one slow and steady. I’d rather go slow and get it right, than have to rip it out and start again.

That’s been my week. Looking forward to checking out what everyone has been up to this week!

Happy Crafting!

Tour de Fleece

Super excited to get back to spinning! I have sat down for at least 15 minutes everyday so far. This challenge is all about me getting back to my wheel. I’m not participating on a team, or for prizes. Just to get back in the habit of spinning. I’ve been spinning for a few years, but still consider myself a beginner. My goal is to become more consistent with the yarn I am creating. The plan is to work through all the 4 oz bags of fiber I have, then move on to the larger quantities. I’m hoping by then I’ll have a more consistent finished yarn to make a sweater.

First week Tour de Fleece

Year of Projects 2022-2023 Week 1

The Plan

I’m excited for another Year of Projects! I love the community, and seeing what everyone is making. Posting weekly also helps keep me on track with my projects… mostly. I will take my WIPs/UFOs from last year and incorporate them into this year’s plan.

I’ve found that shorter term goals are what work for me. So I’ll be posting quarterly goals. Here’s my plan for quarter one:

1. Socks, socks, and more socks: currently participating in Summer Sock Camp and Sock BINGO, both end August 31st.

2. Tour de Fleece: July 1 – 25: I’m hoping this gets me back into the routine of spinning on a regular basis.

3. Summer Fairy KAL: this one ends mid July. I won’t be done by then as I just frogged and started over.

4. Needle felting: finish 2018 gnome of the year and make Christmas tree gnomes.

5. Dye sock yarn

6. September: baby sweater

7. Pull one WIP/UFO from YOP 21/22 to work on.

8. One new project.

My Week

It was a productive week. Finished a pair of socks, started a needle felting project, started Tour de Fleece, and did some gardening. Babygirl also had her first in person Chess Club meeting.


The Tapping Tootsies socks are finished! I was able to finish them on Monday.

Plain vanilla, size 0 9in circulars

Since I finished them, I had to cast on anew pair right away, lol. Another plain vanilla pair on 9 in circulars. This one uses the camp color way Gone Camping by Happy Mermaid Yarn Co.

Added a bit to the Watermelon socks this week while we were at an outdoor concert. I’m just about ready to start the heel on these.

The Candy Mountain and Cat Socks are sitting right now. They will get back in the rotation sometime this week. I’m using the Cat Socks as part of a Christmas in July MAL as they will be a Christmas present for my daughter.

Summer Fairy KAL

Nothing to see here. Literally nothing to see as I’ve frogged what I was doing in order to go up a size. I’ve cast on and knitted 7 rows. This will be my focus today so I can get past the shaping rows. Then I’ll be able to work on a large chunk while watching TV.

Tour de Fleece

Day 1 I finished spinning something I started months ago. Day 2 I started plying. Today, (Day 3) I will ply the other two bobbins I have singles on. I’m going to need to get more bobbins at some point. I find that with the four I have to stop just as I am getting into the grove of spinning.

Needle felting

Pulled out my 2018 Gnome of the Year to work on. Discovered Going Gnome at Rhinebeck. At the time I didn’t want to start a new hobby. It was probably 2-3 years that I looked at kits and resisted buying any. Then my friends and I went to a knitting retreat at Mohonk Mountain House. We were lucky enough to live locally and could attend for the day. one of the workshops was Intro to Needlefelting. The ladies from Going Gnome gave the workshop. The first year they taught us how to make a gnome. The second year we made hedgehogs. Needless to say, we all went home with felting kits. Periodically we’ve had felting get togethers with my knitting group. So I’ve completed a few of my kits. But I’ve also got a stash sitting on a shelf in my closet. My daughter and I decided we are going to work on some his summer.

Hedgehog from Needlefelting workshop
Current project

That’s all I’ve got this week. I’m excited to go check out everyone’s plans for the year!

Happy Crafting!

Year of Projects 2021-2022 WrapUp

Took a little time the other day to go back over my projects from the last year . I’m glad I did. I’m happy with what I accomplished this year. It was more than I thought.

Finished Projects:

⭐️Bomb Pop Socks

⭐️Morning Coffee Socks

⭐️Striped Scrappy Socks

⭐️Childs Play Socks

⭐️Gray Cardigan

⭐️Blue Socks that Rock

⭐️H’s green and yellow tube socks

⭐️Moms socks




⭐️Blue Kroy Socks

⭐️Float Tote

⭐️Maya’s baby blanket

⭐️Steve’s blanket

⭐️Dad’s Musselburgh – can’t find a picture at the moment.


I’m never sure when a WIP becomes a UFO. But whatever you want to call it, these are the projects that will roll into YOP 2022-2023. Realistically, I will address them in September. This summer is for Sock Camp, Sock BINGO, and Shark Sock Week.

🐑Weekender Sweater

🐑Sockmas Socks

🐑Coziest Memories Blanket -This will be ongoing, using sock yarn scraps.

🐑Party Cardigan

🐑Temp Socks

🐑May Flower Socks

🐑Outstranding Shawl- This needs to be frogged and restarted.

🐑Blanket for a friend- This one is being done this summer in order to get it out ASAP.


I think that’s all. In writing this post it became clear to me that I need to work on a better system of organization (mostly photos) to do another post like this in the future. This year I want to continue to work on getting projects into, and updated on Ravelry. I also need to come up with a better system for my photos. But that’s a general thing, not just craft related. I keep way too many photos on my phone!